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Do you know there are specific types of hot spring that can make your skin beautiful?

Water of hot spring contains various kinds of minerals. And these minerals give you different effects depending on its type. You can find various types of spring quality spreading all over in Japan.

The best three types of hot spring quality that can have positive effects for your skins are the followings.
  1. Tansansuisoen Sen (炭酸水素塩泉): Hydrogen Carbonate

Hydrogen Carbonate springs have alkaline hot water. Since they make skin smooth, the springs are called “hot springs for beauty.” Better to have moisturising care after the bath.

  1. Ryusanen Sen (硫酸塩泉): Sulfate Springs

Sulfate Springs have effect to wash out excess sebum and keep high moisturising. It provides moist feeling on your skin.

  1. Iou Sen (硫黄泉): Sulfur Springs

Sulfur springs have effect to dilate peripheral blood vessels. It can eliminate the waste of your skin and make it smooth.

When you visit hot spring, you can check the type of mineral on a sign board like below. You can check the circled area to define its type.


(Photo Source: igamoba.jp/?p=747)

As for Hokkaido, one of the best hot spring spots that is good for your skin is Niseko. You can try the best three types of hot spring quality at one location.


This post is also available in: ไทย (タイ語)


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