Fishing on Ice

What is Fishing on Ice?

One of the popular winter activities in Hokkaido. Drill the layer of ice on the frozen lake and fish from the holes. In other areas of Japan, there are only few places are available to fish on ice since its temperature is not cold enough to create frozen lakes.

Opening Period:

From beginning of January to beginning of March

*Depend on a lake condition of each location

What you can fish there?

“Wakasagi” is the fish you can get from there. Its size is around 15cm. After you fish Wakasagi, you can fry them and make Tempura.




Where you can experience?

There are two ways to join this activity.

  • Join one-day or half-day trip

The easiest way to join this activity because transportation, rental equipment, and tour guide fees are all included. All you need is just go to meeting point. A tour guide explains and prepares everything what you need. Booking must be done at least the day before. Price tend to be more expensive.

  • Go to the spots and rent equipment there

You can save up unnecessary expenses if you can manage to go to the lakes by yourself. You can rent equipment only what you do not have. Need to check in advance whether they offer any rental service at the site.